Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Global Art Project...A joy to be part of

and what a delight it is to see this image of Meenakshi Mahajan with the work I sent to her as part of the 2006 Global Art Project, Peace Lily. I just love how she framed it.

Today, I received her exchange work, May Peace Prevail On Earth, a mixed media work that depicts the rush of rotation our Earth experiences in vibrant blues, purples, reds and white. A stunning comet in the sky reminds me of how fleeting Peace is, and our wish for all to experience it's blessing. I will post an image of Meenakshi's work as soon as I've had it framed.

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Sarah E. in Texas said...

Ann, what a fabulous opportunity to be able to meet and creatively interact with other artful women in the world! Meenakshi chose a beautiful frame for a beautiful rendition of a Peace Lily. Thanks for sharing that...I look forward to being able to view her exchange work when you've framed it.