Thursday, July 14, 2005

Ring Garden Collection: Hollyhocks

Hollyhocks II
Ring Garden Collection
27 X 25"

Photo-transfer, thread painting, machine couching/quilti

Still in process, this quilt needs something. The quilt is '3-D', where the blossom will be stitched down in the center, allowing the pink to fall forward. It's just pinned right now.

The stem and leaves were quilted to batting, and then added to the quilt top.

The yarn was couched with the machine quilting. It just needs something...I started this quilt a year ago, and picked it back up last week.

Below is the first piece I
made based on photos from the Ring Garden, 'Hollyhocks I'. You can see the 3-D effect better on this one.

This quilt was in the PAQA-South Fabrications show, and then gifted to my dear friend and A-1 nurse, Jan Ring. When I was so ill last winter, she flew down from Boston to care for me, and turned me around when other caregivers seemed to be at a loss. I thank God for a husband who had the sense to call the right person, and dear friends like Jan Ring.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Organics Matter (tentative title for the quilt)

Organics Matter
11.5 X 30"
July, 2005

The first of the "Not Just Grey Matter" series, "organics matter" utilizes the Photoshop woodcut technique to print on fabric.

I chose soft colored fabrics with leaf impressions for the printing, and spiral infinity beads in the center of each brain.

A few years back, I heard a lecture on progressive medicine. The presenter spoke of the small empty space in the center of our brains. Medical Imaging techniques have the ability to catch the electrical conversation that goes on in this space, causing some in the realm of medicine to wonder if this is the soul.

While I have no idea whether our souls are visible or not, let alone the ability to cacth them on film, I applaud medicine's acknowledgement that we all have one.

Little scarlet drops and 'coiled' beads that remind me of what DNA might look like are scattered throughout.

We are more than a body that blindly gets through the day. We are all organic parts of the universe, always growing, whether we choose to acknowledge that fact, or not.

"Organics Matter" will be part of the INDELIBLE SPIRIT traveling exhibit curated by Annie Copeland. For more information, please see:

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Imagination Matters
18" X 18"
July, 2005

The second in my series Not Just Grey Matter, Imagination Matters is my rendition of creativity. It is a likeness of my brain, taken from a recent MRI. I'm not just a patient on the table, waiting to learn about changes in my condition, but a creative soul who just loves to have fun.

With so many ideas waiting to hatch, how can a machine possibly pick up all that is going on in there?