Monday, December 11, 2006

Beaded Shells and Wool

This is a piece that I've been playing with for a week or so. After reading Larkin Van Horn's bead embellishment book, "Beading on Fabric", I just had to use these shells that have challenged me for quite a while. I LOVE this book. Larkin's descriptions and visuals demystify the beading process, and the images provide plenty of fodder for creativity.

Can't wait to move on to creating my own buttons! Now, I don't have to throw away those old boring jackets and blouses. I'll add some beads and unique buttons and recycle!

The rust color is a commercial 'burnt' velvet, for lack of a better description. Sorry...I never know the correct terminology. The blue is dyed wool, stitched with some eyelash and angelina. to display it. I am perplexed over whether I should mount it on a background or not. I'm leaning towards not...but your thoughts are important to me. Please post your suggestions here.