Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Just Dance

Just Dance
27 ½” X 24 ¼”
October 30, 2005

While traveling through Pennsylvania, we stopped and walked a section of the old Delaware & Hudson Canal System. As I turned one bend, I came across what looked like two trees dipping their branches down into the water, and, as a pair, they were dancing. My imagination ran wild, as I contemplated these two trees, oblivious to the decaying structures that used to support the canal, just playing in the current and enjoying the moment.

Here is my adaptation of that image in quilt art form. This is my cancer survival piece, as I now ignore the changes that have taken place on and in my body, and enjoy the present.
Just Dance.

Techniques and Materials: Commercial and hand dyed cottons, silks, and synthetics. Raw edge appliqué, paint, thread embroidery, and free motion quilting.


Dale Anne said...

Being a cancer survivor (7 years) - I know exactly what you speak and feel.
I wish others would only open their eyes and ears to see the beauty in life as it is!

Shoshana said...

this is a lovely lovely quilt. The movement and colors in it make a dramatic statement. Thanks for sharing it.

Betsy True said...

Ann, this is spectacular. What a beautiful piece....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt, but, oh baby that orange script text is hard to read!

Anonymous said...

When I saw this piece I was overcome with emotion-the pure bliss that comes with freedom. I wanted to sing and dance and stretch with the souls. Then I read your script and I was moved even more.
Your best work yet and it came from the freedom in your mind and body.
Peace and Love

Anonymous said...

It's lovely!! I really like the movement of the piece, and by dancing up off the top of the "page" is feels so very uplifting!

Wendy Feldmann
Waltzing Dog Studios
...when fabric flies...